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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  February 26, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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right now 4:30. nearly one week after historic flooding at san jose evacuees are on the move again. >> plus honoring a fallen officer. from across the bay area pay tribute to a sheriff's deputy tragedy killy killed. >> police say a popular worker is stabbed to death. >> the news starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. >> a south bay hot spot turns into a crime scene. tonight police are looking for clues in the deadly stabbing as friends of the victim prepare to h hold a vigil honoring his life tonight. >> they were called to the scene near the trace gringo canteen
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na. mary anne there where a memorial with s growing. >> reporter: and let me show you that memorial, terry. you can see that people have left flowers, a candle, and a football. we talked to the man who wrote i love you here on this tile. he said he can't believe that his friend of 15 years is gone. police say a man was stabbed to death outside the canteen na on second street in downtown san jose early this morning. friends say the victim is 36-year-old frank navarro president of the little league. this man has known frank for 15 years. >> it's horrible how somebody can just come in and try to prosecute tend they're over age and just -- they're going to stab somebody just because they can't get inside of a bar. it just makes no sense to me.
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>> friends say navarro also coached baseball at a high school. police detained two suspects who may be related to the stabbing. frens friend we talked to this afternoon described frank as a big teddy bear, a guy that liked to give other people hugs and lift them up. tonight there will be a vigil at the little league field in honor of frank navarro. >> thank you very much for the latest details on this investigate, go to nbc bay you can always sign up for breaking news alerts as well. and now to our other top story. there is a steady stream of water spilling over anderson dam still but that could soon change. take a look at what the spill overlooks like. this of course is a week after it caused coyote creek to flood.
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joining us now with the latest, rick, you just got an up date from the city. >> reporter: i just got out f a press conference. here are the hot point. they say they have the latest on who can go home and who can go inside their structures right now. they say a marjority of the homs have been green tagged which means a majority can go back into their homes and live there but it comes with conditions. there's still a little over 1,000 that are yellow tagged and only three that are red tagged which means they cannot go in at all. a lot of people are in shelters. it's moving day for them. the community center now long term or maybe short term now for many families. over 200 flood victims have been relocated from several san jose temporary shelters. families who are now out of options with no place to go tonight. >> it's rough, but i hope it gets better. >> it's hard getting around with a toddler. medical needs, just getting --
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>> some families are not in shelters at this hour. some are staying with friends and family. we're talking about tight, tight kr quarters trying to make it through w. this news they might be able to go home. we're live in downtown san jose. >> rick, thank you very much. now to an earthquake that sent inspectors to the anderson dam. it was centered near gilroy. it shook that whole area this morning. the santa clara valley water authorities sent staff to inspect the dam. everything looked good. we also spoke to gilroy residents about that unexpected jolt. >> 7:00 in the morning t's going to be something very strong just for a couple seconds. >> it was pretty crazy. i was just asleep on the bed and i was watching some videos on youtube and all of a sudden i just felt the bed shake all crazy. >> no one reported any injuries
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or damage after the quake. not just people in san jose, but across the bay area welcoming this break in the storm. let's take a live look right now. you see some clouds up there but it is dry. mostly sunshine up there but rain expected to make a comeback in not too long. let's check with rob on that. >> right now we can see some of the rain approaching from areas looking into san francisco. you see a few passing showers. temperatures in the low 50s as we switch over to storm ranger. from the top of san bern no mountain, you see showers moving past the bay bridge. meantime san jose still dry kp a few light showers around morgan hill. the main parts of the system right up here on the coast has a lot of cold air associated with it. because of that not a lot of moisture tour work with. good news in terms of this area which is still seeing an elevated flood risk. incoming rain expected to be
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less than a quarter inch in most spots and maybe even less. higher hills could have a dusting of snow overnight. cool and breezy conditions. patchy frost possible, but a big-time pattern shift ahead in the seven to ten day outlook that could bring us some relief from the storms. a full look at that and our forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. >> thank you so much. to track the incoming rain, download or free area app. tap on the weather tab to use the live doppler radio. you also can get a personnelized forecast for where you live. >>. pause to remember a sheriff deputy killed on the george. michael foley was struck by a jail transport bus on thursday and later died. today a police escort transported his remains from a walnut creek hospital to the coroner's office. an honor guard will be with his remains at the office until he is laid to rest. 60-year-old was walking behind a bus when the driver accidently
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backed up and hit him. we are learning more now about the victims killed in a mysterious double homicide in santa rosa this weekend. they have released the names of the two people found dead. one is dale carlson. the other 37-year-old jessica carlson. investigators believe the two killings are related but they're not saying yet how or why beyond the fact that the victims share the same last name. and new video now on the scene of highway 4 last night as police investigated a deadly highway shooting. the suspect has not been caught. this happened just after 9:00 on the eastbound lanes west of hillcrest avenue. the officers they when they got there they found a man shot dead inside a car. freeway shootings in the east bay have been an issue over the past two years, especially on highway 4, which has caused many drivers to be on edge. >> it could be me too, actually, at some point like you just facing the people at many
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places, at many points, like, you can be in the same situation sometimes, like, i have read somewhere people in the united states have guns. you never know. >> the victim so far has not been identified. they have installed security cameras along their freeways in response to the wave of shootings. a man shot to death. another wounded inside a bar overnight. police say gunfire rang out inside gentleman jim's bar on lincoln road east. happened about 1:00 this morning. one man died at the scene. the other was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. investigators say there was also a third shooting victim. he showed up later and was inside the bar during the shooting. no suspect has been identified. some sad news from hollywood. bill paxton has died. the 61-year-old died yesterday from complications following a surgery. paxton is best known for his many film roles.
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paxton also starred in the series "big love." he was currently starring in the crime drama "training day." off screen paxton wrote, directed and produced award winning short films. he is survived by his wife and his two children. you may recognize this music. the original tv court judge has died. judge joseph wapner presided over people's court for the first 12 years. in 2009 he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he died at home this morning of natural causes according to his family, he was 97 years old. boy, that music bring its all back. coming up, breaking records but not in a good way. details on the latest approval ratings for president donald trump. >> new details in a fright thing crash ahead of mardis gras. what the police are saying about the driver now facing charges.
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>> a few around the east bay shows mt. diablo green but later tonight could get a dusting of snow. a cold system of air out of cap da drops into the bay area. capda drops into the bay area. canda d. ==peggy h set==
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amerans giving eir opioons. according to a new nbc ne - wal: americans weighing in with their opinions. according to a new nbc new "wall street journal" poll, president trump approval rating stands at 44%. that is a record low for a newly inaugurated commander in chief. when asked about the president's travel ban, 45% said they felt it was unnecessary. when it comes to the media and the president's distaste for the press, 53% of those surveyed believe that the media is overstating problems with the trump administration. a top republican congressman
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is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate possible russian interference in our election. he says the senate legs committee inquiry has already little proven enough information. the new head of the democratic national committee wants a special prosecutor as well. the gop critics claim that is a mistake. >> whether you're a republican or democrat, we've seen it happen on both sides. when a special prosecutor gets involved, the thing gets completely out of control. >> what we need to be looking at is whether this election was rigged by donald trump and his buddy vladimir putin. >> now president trump will be meeting with u.s. governors tonight and tomorrow with replacing obamacare on the main agenda. on tuesday night he's expected to give his first speech to a joint session of congress. a louisiana man now facing serious charges after that dramatic crash last night that left dozens injured. 25-year-old seen here had a
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blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. the crash happened last night. more than two dozen people were injured including a police officer. no one was kill. the crash happened as large crowds are descending on new orleans for the many parades leading up to fat tuesday celebration. and coming up, flowers are blooming in san francisco. >> the colorful scene's garden ex exposition. >> and happening now, you can see on the roadway some passing showers. we'll see more of that tonight and some pretty low snow levels. we'll look at that in the forecast coming your way in just three minutes. today isoday, in the bay area.
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==peggy/2shot== san francischel orchid lovers today of all days is your day here in the bay area. >> san francisco hel t-- held t largest orchid show today. it happened at the county fair building. take a look at all these plants.
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these people love their orchids. >> this year's expo learning about poll nation, helping plants thrive in apartments. the silent auction and live music also part of the event. i cannot keep an orchid alive. i would love to go there for more than a week or so. >> it's kind of like having a cut flower. they live about as long as a cut flower. >> you can't water them. >> you didn't go to the orchid thing. you need to do that. >> the weather's been nice for folks who wanted to get a little sun. we do have some showers moving into the bay area right now. cold temperatures that may drop a little bit of snow for elevations above 3,500 feet tonight. right now 55 degrees in san jose. rain free for the moment. p palo alto 56. a little sunshine from a passing shower. 53 degrees in ocean beach right now. we did a beach hazard statement for some rough surf.
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gorgeous view from our weather underground camera. half moon bay partly cloudy skies. showers filling in from north to south. overnight temperatures partly cloudy with showers. lows in the 30s and 40s. air cold enough to support some snow. not a lot of moisture but could see white topped mountain tops tomorrow morning. in the 50s again tomorrow. it may feel cooler as winds pick up in the afternoon. cool day around the peninsula and along the coast 53. around half moon bay, low to mid 50s, highs in the mid 50s. the hour by hour outlook right now has a few of those light showers passing san francisco passi passing berkeley. cool air lost, that's going to drive down our snow levels and bring us a chance we think of some scattered showers at least
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through the day on monday. so as things shape up now around 3:00 a.m., you see the showers starting to move away from the south bay. during the day tomorrow still a chance, especially around the hill top we can see a few isolated showers. high pressure building in will ensure that not only skies begin to clear but temperatures will be climbing as they go through the week. the system has a lot of cold air but not a lot of rain. generally a quarter inch or less expected out of this system. in the long range outlook this really is the last precipitation we'll see for quite some time, at least until next weekend. snow levels as low as 2,500 feet, so we could see winter like driving through monday. look at that forecast. running dry if not warmer as we head towards wednesday and thursday. but it kind of is an interesting week. first talking about some low snow levels and some patchy frost getting into tuesday.
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but look at the highs. maybe some upper 60s thursday into friday. could see some showers for the north bay. one the drier forecasts we've seen for quite some time. >> three seasons in one week. >> feels that way, doesn't it. >> coming up, hammers, nails and a lot of ambition. >> some stall students thinking very big in the south bay. part of our bay area proud series.
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enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. sale ends sunday! go to for a store near you. ==terry 2shot== noto our y area prd series... all the things that argoing right -- in our community right now we want to get to our bay area proud sear res. all the things that are going right in our community. today a small house. >> but there's a lot more to this story. the people building this small
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house are small too. takes us on a one of a kind construction project. >>. >> reporter: at johnson elementary, like many other schools, when a teacher talks about bridge building. she means making connection, not major kru major construction. but in rita's sixth grade classroom, when they talk about home building, well, that is exactly what they're talking about. >> i always knew i didn't want to be a traditional classroom teacher. you're good at thinking outside the box. >> rita has been a fan of project based learning for almost all of her 26 year career. each year trying to come up with a bigger project for her students to collaborate on. which is why this summer while watching some home and garden tv rita got her biggest idea yet. >> i said what do you think if
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we try to build a tiny home? and they're, like, could we do that? and i said what's stopping us? just so we're on the same page for friday. >> rita corralled some like-minded teachers to join her and they were off and planning. with the help of an architect and a contractor, rita's students, along with other third, fifth, and sixth graders accident are figuring out designs, estimating costs, and learning about construction techniques and timelines. all so that by the end of this school year, right outside rita's classroom, a real permanent tiny home will stand. rita's students have fully embraced the project and love the fact they'll be leaving a tangible legacy at their school. it's what they'll be tiekiakingh
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them into the future that rita cares about. i said the sky's the limit. one student raised his hand and he said why is the sky the limit? why can't we go? i get emotional. but why can't we go higher than that? and how does a teacher say no to that? >> rita of course has taught long enough to know that a good teacher doesn't. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> a popular little league president is stabbed to death outside a canteen na in downtown san jose. coming up, how his friends are remembering him tonight. >> developing at this hour, thousands can now return home from the san jose floods. i'm rick boone in downtown san jose, but that green light comes with one very important condition. details just ahead. >> and as many recover from
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flooding, we're tracking new rain now moving into the bay area. parts of the east bay. the parts of the forecast may surprise you for quite frankly the lack of rain. for a change, we'll have a look at that coming up with the news continues. flood victims - on the moveagair
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historic flooding. right now five flood victims on the move again nearly a week after historic flooding. the news at five starts now. good evening to you. thank you for joining us tonight. >> san jose working to get back to track. a break in the storms the past few days greatly helping the flood recovery efforts. meteorologist trakicking the ne round of rain. we begin with rick boone in san jose. you got some new information from the city. >> reporter: i did the officer of emergency services gave me a few numbers that could be good news for residents who have been
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displaced from their homes. the majority of the residents who have been advocated devacua the floods can return home tonight. that comes with conditions. those are called green tags. they come with conditions. you may be able to go into your home but maybe you can't stay for the night because the electricity or the gas is not turned on. or maybe everything is okay so you have to look at what is on your door. also several homes that are still yellow tags and now only three homes have been red tagged. this while it's moving day into shelters. the community center now on a long term or possibly a shorter term home for a lot of families. over 200 flood victims came in there today. they all are in the same position. no place to go. >> it's rough. it's rough. hope it gets better. >> it's hard getting around with a toddler. medical needs, just getting our resources. >> coming up next time i talk to you in less than an hour from
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now, i'll tell you how some families who are not in shelters but they're somewhere else and how they're surviving is going to really make you wonder how they're actually getting through a day-to-day situation. then again we've got some good news for families. they can go into their homes at this hour. downtown san jose. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. the repair job at the oroville dam starts this week. the department of water resources plans to gradually cut off the outflow from the res or voir. without the water they'll be able to attack the debris pile that has a accumulated at the base of the spillway. they'll also be looking at getting the power plant back up and running. >> over the next few days we're going to have a lot of interesting weather. rain is not going to be that much a part of it. live look right now. looking at


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